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As a social enterprise focusing on positive impacts for people and planet, we’ve become specialists in creating ethical and sustainable supply chains. We’ve run clothing and textile productions for clients and our own retail shop since we launched in 2013. Our focus has always been on transparency, with a code on the label so your customers can explore the full creation story and impact – a key way to reach the growing values driven audience.

Consultancy and partnership

Traceability is vital to understanding and planning supply chain evolution. We can provide masterclasses or work as part of your team to identify and switch out processes and materials that aren’t a good fit with your eco and ethical goals. Together we can build a plan that embeds your values into your enterprise.

Clothing and Merchandise with Values

We can meet your clothing and textile needs whilst being kind to all concerned, whether for product, merchandise or corporate wear. We can wholesale from our existing range of designs or design and run a custom production just for you. We’ve worked with large organisations such as SAP, New Internationalist and East of England Co–op as well as smaller brands, creating completely custom products with branding, including shirts, scarves and bags. Basically, if it’s textiles  you are after then we can do it!

Get in touch using the form below to explore your requirements for kind products that tell their – and your – positive value story!

🌿 Planet Friendly

🌿 Choosing fibres that are organic, rain fed or locally produced

🌿 Using low carbon and low water processes and materials

🌿 Adding no plastic, harmful chemicals or pesticides

👐 Maker Friendly

👐 Partnering with social enterprises, co-ops and artisan groups

👐 Supporting livelihoods and skills for marginalised communities


👕 Customer Friendly

👕 Design – versatile, zero-waste, plastic free, circular

👕 Natural fabrics and dyes that are kind to our skin and the planet

👕 Peace of mind and connection through garment stories

Natural Fibres

We prefer to work with natural fibres as these are kinder to the planet – they biodegrade and don’t put out microplastics into our water systems.  Much of the cotton we use is certified organic, but it’s actually even more than that.  We love cotton that’s rain-fed and indigenous to the location where its growing, making it an excellent choice and certainly not the “dirty, thirsty crop” that mass produced cotton has sadly become.  

Plus our production is done in social enterprise artisan workshops and not huge factory sweatshops, so we know that our impacts are positive all the way through. We particularly love working with khadi, a fabric which Gandhi promoted so successfully as a way for his people to rediscover their pride in their heritage, whilst financially supporting themselves and their community.  Khadi is processed by hand using far less water and virtually zero carbon electricity.  

We also love to work with fabrics such as bamboo, hemp, tencel and peace silk.

But can I find it Cheaper?

At Where Does It Come From? we do our very best not to compromise on ethics. Our b2b productions are all custom to your requirements – we don’t make thousands of items to keep in a store room.  We can’t see the point of half-measures or “greenwashing” – if customers have made the positive decision to shop ethically, then they should have the peace of mind that this is exactly what they are buying. 

We know that you have to think about your budget.  As a social enterprise we’ll be transparent on pricing and do our best to get you just what you need.  The undeniable fact is that it costs more to make items that don’t damage our planet or treat workers badly, but we think it’s worth it.  In fact, we don’t think we really have a choice.

We do not pick and choose which components of our products or supply chain should be sustainable, whilst ignoring other elements.  We are not one of those companies who will trumpet their organic fabric offerings and then still manage production in huge faceless factories with cheap labour and questionable workers’ rights. You may find other businesses who promise you a sustainable solution at a cheaper price but we’re confident that we can meet your needs for a quality product with ethics, plus we can share with you and your customers exactly how we did it!

Customised Products

We can customise any product with your logo or design via print or embroidery. Other customisation options include weave, fabric and colour. Minimum order sizes apply but we often combine several orders so please get in touch. Prices will depend on design requirements, timescales and volumes. 

Ethical and organic face masks

Wholesale our organic cotton face masks for onward sale or for your staff. Download our wholesale face masks pack for more information

Business Enquiry?


If you’re looking to move your business to a more eco and ethical foundation then we would love to help. We can support you through sharing our expertise in masterclasses or as part of your team, to roadmap your strategy to embed your values into your enterprise.

If you are looking to re-define your product range we can work side by side with you on design, specification and delivery, as well as collecting impact data and creating a marketing plan to communicate your achievements to your customers.


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