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Transparency is vital because unless we know the impacts of production on the farmers, makers, community and environment we won’t be able to make changes.  Unfortunately the clothing industry can be very opaque, with many links in the chain between farm and store.  This is where abuse can creep in.

Transparency is also really important for us as customers – knowing our shopping hasn’t caused harm gives peace of mind.

Everything we produce comes with a code – alphanumeric and more recently QR codes too.  You just need to go to the Trace pages and select your garment or, if your phone can scan QR codes, you can simply scan and click!  We’ve built these stories in partnership with our social enterprise producers in India, Africa and the UK and hope you find them interesting and reassuring.

Our children’s clothing is standard fit by age so order the size you would normally buy (or bigger if you want them to wear it for a while!). We’ve also designed in some growing help too, with button elastic, longer legs and dresses that become tunics.  

For our adult shirts and tunics you can check our Size Guidance – bear in mind that we don’t use elastane for stretch as our items are 100% natural fibre.  This means that if you want something a bit more roomy then it’s worth sizing up.

If something doesn’t fit then we are happy to exchange it.

Since we launched we’ve always worked with fair trade producers and social enterprises to maximise our impact on people and planet. We love working with organisations that are focused on creating and improving livelihoods for marginalised communities as well as caring for the environment through the processes, materials and energy they use.

We are members of Social Enterprise UK, the British Association of Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers (BAFTS) and the Organisation for Responsible business (ORB). Our producers are also accredited by key organisations such as the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO), the Indian Fairtrade Forum (IFF) and the Khadi Villages Industry Commission (KVIC) for fair trade. The materials we use are also certified as appropriate, by organisations such as the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), KVIC and Bio.

Our stock is based in the UK and we aim to ship within 2-3 days using Royal Mail. For some home furnishing items we are running a pre-order model to avoid waste – this means that we will wait until we have sufficient orders to run a small production. This will be clearly stated on the shop page you ordered from. Taking part in these projects is really helpful as it means we can run extra productions to support our artisans and the more orders we get, the quicker delivery will be! At the moment this is just for our homewares collection – cushion covers and throws.

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